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Howdy! I’m Peter, a Polish dude passionate about the dark arts of technical stuff.

Professionally invested in Embedded Firmware & Hardware and GNU/Linux, mostly porting and maintaining Linux and U-Boot on SBCs. I’m a full-stack-everything type of guy and I’m working in a lot of fields at once, from the lowest level to devops/sysops.

Beside those, I’m a fellow Ham Radio OP {SP9OTA}, doing CW/SSB on the HF and DIGI on the V/UHF bands. I’m also deeply interested in electronics (analog & digital) and prototyping with PCBs. A lot of those hobbies blend well with each other.

Outside of strictly IT stuff, I’m interested in Analog Photography and I do have a small portfolio you can check out.

Technologies & Tools I'm Fluent At

Rust C++17 C99 CMake/Make TypeScript GNU/Linux U-Boot Sh Git Nginx Docker Vue.js Node.js Jenkins Terraform K8s/K3s Helm Neovim Kicad

Public projects I built


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